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Monster Hunter Orchestra Concerts

Browsing some Nintendo news sites lately, I came around to see the news of Capcom considering Monster Hunter Concerts. Well, considering?

I hastily ran to my CD pile and fished out 3 Monster Hunter Orchestra Concert CDs. So these concerts are already happening, albeit not in the west.

HereĀ are these Japanese CDs that feature recordings of the concerts:

Monster Hunter In Concert 5th AnniversaryThis is the CD of the 2009 5th anniversary concert. Someone actually put a video of the event on Youtube, in case you can’t imagine what it sounds like:

Then there is the 2012 orchestra concert which is superb as well:

Monster Hunter In Concert 2012Last but not least, there is the 2015 concert which features songs from the latest (at least in the west) release: Monster Hunter 4 ultimate:

Monster Hunter In Concert 2015This one is great as well, but not as good as the two former ones. It starts with the Seregios theme, which I don’t really like that much. Again, someone has uploaded tracks to Youtube, so you can get some feels for the music:

These are the orchestra concert CDs I own. There are at least 2 more, one from 2011 and the 10th anniversary concert from 2014. Those will find their ways into my collection eventually, but importing stuff from Japan to Europe being as pricey as it currently is, it will take some more time.