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Pull list week 3+4/2014

These two weeks only four comics were added to my collection:

Coffin Hill #4Coffin Hill #4 (Vertigo)

This comic is more and more turning into a total joyride. I love the character development, the art, the story, simply everything.

However, I happen to notice that we now have a tremendous number of witches in comic books. But, as long as the stories are so diverse and the witches don’t start to sparkle, bring ’em on, I say!






Pretty Deadly #4Pretty Deadly #4 (Image)

A butterfly and a rabbit’s skeleton telling a story. Intriguing and original. I haven’t read the issue already but I’m definitely looking forward to it, even if western stories normally bore me to death. (No pun intended.)








Black Widow #2Black Widow #2 (Marvel)

The second issue of the new series to give the Marvel Universe a second chance. I felt ambivalent about the first issue. The art was nice, but somehow lacked a punch and the story was nice to read, but not more. I hope the series catches up speed (and my interest) with this issue.

If not, I don’t think I’ll be able to bother about it any more.






Hacktivist #1Hacktivist #1 (Archaia Entertainment)

Being a computer science teacher, I really like to know how activists and hackers are portrait in popular media. Oh, and Alyssa Milano wrote the comic. Both of the reasons are equally valid to try out the book, right? Right?








Series I started in 2013 and stopped reading after a few issues

There are quite a number of series that I started reading this year but that did not, for different reasons, continue to interest me. Here is a quick overview:

Damsels #1Damsels (Dynamite)

The first issue was quite interesting. It had a nice flow and was supported by interesting art. It also hinted at an interesting story. However, the following issues delivered a confusing mix-all-fairy-tales-together-with-a-blender type of narrative. Too much, too fast, to haphazard. I stopped reading after #7.






Damsels FCBD2013Damsels: Mermaids (Dynamite)

The free comic book issue was very interesting and had a great story. Unfortunately, the story went downhill in the succeeding issues. Come on, how often to you want to read another Atlantis story in your life. I didn’t want to continue after #3.






Grimm FCBD2013Grimm (Dynamite)

Another series that I learnt about via the corresponding FCBD2013 issue. Said issue was well done (it seemed to follow the plot of one of the episodes of the TV series) and tempted me to get issue #1, too. It was a short lived love, as it only lasted the 10 minutes to read it. Still, it must have been the kind of story itself, since I couldn’t stand more than 10 minutes of the TV show either.





Of Stars And SwordsOf Stars And Swords (Serious Turtle Studio)

I lasted #0 and #1. The story was ok, but let’s not start talking about the art. Not bad, but definitely not the art I want to see in a fantasy comic.







SexSex (Image)

At first, the story sounded interesting: retired super hero, power fantasy and lots of action between the sheets. What I got in issues #1 and #2 was simply boring. Boring! Boring! If you really need to make a comic with/about sex, why not do a good one like Fraction’s Sex Criminals? That’s a good one!