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Some more series I started in 2013 and stopped quite early

Trish Out Of Water #2Trish Out Of Water (Aspen)

What originally caught my interest in this series was the blurb on Comixology:

What would you do if your life was turned upside down– before it even really started? Trish Powell is about to find out, as she discovers that everything she thought she knew about being a teenager–friends, parents, and most importantly–her own body, is all a lie. […]

Sounds cool, right? And I have to say that issue #1 was quite good. In the course of this book, Trish finds her father murdered, her mother having killed herself and her boyfriend sleeping with another girl. All of this shock her into using her newfound control of water to create a giant tidal wave threatening to drown the city Trish lives in. (Revenge a la Carrie, anyone?)

Unfortunately, the following two issues only add confusion to the story and made my interest wither away…



X-Men Vol. 4 #1X-Men Vol. 4 (Marvel)

When I started reading this one, I knew next to nothing about the X-Men. Even worse, I knew nothing about the Marvel universe other than the few titbits I picked up reading some Spidey issues back when I was young (that was in the 80s of the last century). What caught my interest was the fact that with this volume the X-Men would be an all female team. I hoped that I could just jump right into the action and that there would be some kind of reset to make newcomers feel welcome. (Yeah, that’s what DC did with the New52 and I have to say that that was well done!)

Alas, no reboot, lots of old foes, lots of characters to follow, lots of history that I knew nothing of made this series a hard read. Add a tie in/crossover story with other X-Men titles (Battle of the Atom) and I had to give up. Not worth my time, sadly.