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The hype is unbearable now – Bravely Second: End Layer

Bravely Second: End Layer Guidebook

Sometimes it can be great when games are released in other regions different from your own first. It’s rather easy to get the respective guidebooks then. Like in this case: the wonderfully illustrated and very detailed guidebook to Bravely Second: End Layer. The game itself will be released on 26/02/2016 in the EU, so it is just a matter of three weeks before I can play it.

On the other hand, I now have three more weeks to wait till I get the game and have to keep myself from browsing through the book before. Good for me that I don’t know any Japanese and can’t spoil the game at all.

Japanese guide books

First things first, I don’t know any Japanese. Neither speaking nor reading/writing. I have absolutely no understanding of the language. Still, I own a few Japanese books (with some more on their way to me) because they are guide books of my favourite 3DS games.

Books like the one below are very detailed, very well made and can even help you if you have trouble with the language, because they clearly map the dungeons and provide the most important monster/enemy stats in Roman letters and Arabic numerals.

Bravely Default For The Sequel Japanese Guidebook
Bravely Default For The Sequel Japanese Guidebook

The book for Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is fine as well. With 700+ pages it not only lists all the Animal Crossing customers but also all the available items as well as their different colouring/modification options. What a great resource!

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Guidebook
Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Guidebook

The only downside of those books: They don’t come cheap and importing them from Japan doesn’t make them any less expensive. But for some games there isn’t any alternative if you don’t want to browse online all the time.