My customToolsUI.txt for AfterShot Pro

One thing I love about AfterShot Pro is that you can configure the UI elements with a small textfile called “customToolsUI.txt” placed in its configuration folder (~/.AfterShotPro on Linux, whatever else on other OSes). Just for reference, here is my current file:

# the standard tab -----
Standard, Std, Histogram.ui
Standard, Std, BasicTools.ui
Standard, Std, com.roland65.AutoLevels
Standard, Std,
Standard, Std, Presets.ui

# the color tab -----
Color, Color, Advanced/Curves.ui
Color, Color, Advanced/Exposure.ui
Color, Color, SelectiveColor/SelectiveColorWidget.ui
Color, Color, ColorBalance.ui
Color, Color, Advanced/WhiteBalance.ui
Color, Color, Advanced/ColorManagement.ui
Color, Color, com.roland65.LabCurves
Color, Color, com.roland65.LabTools

# the tone tab -----
Tone, Tone, Advanced/Exposure.ui
Tone, Tone, tin.tin.zchannelmixer
Tone, Tone, com.ferdinand-paris.bez
Tone, Tone, MB_Asp_Lightroom
Tone, Tone, com.ferdinand-paris.mix3
Tone, Tone, com.SMP.Nuance

# a second tone tab -----
# all comprised of plugins -----
Tone_2, Tone_2, com.corel.BlackAndWhite
Tone_2, Tone_2, com.SMP.Nostalgia
Tone_2, Tone_2, com.kbarni.equalizer
Tone_2, Tone_2, sph.FatToni
Tone_2, Tone_2, net.sadman.aftershot.splittoni
Tone_2, Tone_2, sph.SiliconBonk 
Tone_2, Tone_2, com.corel.equalizer

# my detail tab -----
Detail, Dtl, Advanced/Sharpen.ui
Detail, Dtl, sph.waveletsharpen
Detail, Dtl, com.roland65.USM
Detail, Dtl, com.roland65.SContrast
Detail, Dtl, Advanced/RAWNoise.ui
Detail, Dtl, Advanced/NoiseNinjaRegistered.ui
Detail, Dtl, NoiseNinjaStandard.ui
Detail, Dtl, PerfectlyClearNoise.ui
Detail, Dtl, sph.waveletdenoise
Detail, Dtl, Advanced/LensCorrection.ui
Detail, Dtl, CAQuest
Detail, Dtl, name.deindl.mdRedEyes
Detail, Dtl, MirrorInvert.ui

# the effects tab -----
Effects, Eff., sph.grain 
Effects, Eff., com.kbarni.vigne 
Effects, Eff., com.corel.vigne
Effects, Eff., net.sadman.aftershot.typewriter
Effects, Eff., tin.tin.zFrame 
Effects, Eff., tin.tin.zText
Effects, Eff., tin.tin.zPerspector 
Effects, Eff., tin.tin.zShadow
Effects, Eff., tin.tin.zSoften
Effects, Eff., com.kbarni.grid 
Effects, Eff.,
Effects, Eff., Grid-64
Effects, Eff., Zone-64

# the metadata tab -----
Metadata, Meta, Metadata.ui
Metadata, Meta, Keywords.ui
Metadata, Meta, Keywords/KeywordSets.ui

Now, if only all of the plugins were available for the 64bit version…

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