Legend of Legacy demo available

Thursday’s update of the Nintendo eshop brought us the Legend of Legacy demo. Naturally, I had to get it to find out if a JRPG with the most uncreative and generic name possible could get my attention.

Here is the teaser trailer, btw:

After playing the demo for some time I can say that I really like it. The artwork is nice, albeit a bit like the one in Bravely Default. The story is, who would have thought, rather generic, but the gameplay is solid. Especially the battle system plays well. It’s turn-based, but offers some finesse by giving your party members different roles during combat. So, thumbs up.

The only problematic thing about Legend of Legacy is its release date: February 5. With Bravely Second scheduled for February 28 and Stella Glow for March 11, there is heavy competition.

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