Hiatus ends now!

As @katgonegamer so wonderfully started a new blog over there, I can’t help but comment on her first post.
See, I might write about games here more often than not, but I don’t consider myself a gamer. It’s not that playing video games does not incorporate quite a number of my free hours (I’m looking at you here, Monster Hunter 4 ultimate!), but that my interests aren’t limited to video games. I enjoy reading comics as well. (Yeah, I know this is the geeky way.) I read literature. (I teach English, so that is pretty obvious.), and I also have an active interest in history (Being a history teacher this is again obvious.) Then I like to program (Captain Obvious to the rescue–I teach ICT as well.)

As I’ve just realized, I haven’t been playing video games for a rather long time. I fondly remember the games I played in my youth: Summer Games, Summer Games II, Winter Games, Roland’s Rat Race, Ultima V, Bards Tale II, Space Taxi and quite a lotĀ more. All of these I played on the C=64. I switched to a PC shortly before going to university and played a bit of Doom and Heretic. LaterI enjoyed Age of Empires and Age of Kings as well as Starcraft. Then my interest in games dwindled away for a long time and was only reawakened when my firstborn got a Nintendo 3DS XL for Christmas. Quite a long hiatus.

That said, I haveĀ been playing on my Nintendo 3DS for well over a year and can’t imagine ever giving it up again.