Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros.I would never have believed this, but you can make a role-playing-game with two iconic humorous characters: Mario &Luigi!

OK, it is not completely a role-playing-game. There still is plenty of jumping and searching for stuff and even the fights (while being turn based) are full of action. Simply because you not only select your attack but also have to do it. The same goes for blocking your opponent’s attacks. Better keep your eyes open (so that you know which of the two brothers is going to be attacked) and your finger in check. When you are too slow or too quick to block, the block will fail.

But what really makes the cookies crumble are the items you can acquire along your journey through Luigi’s dreams. Whereas more standard games have different swords, staffs or wands ready for you, the Dream Team Bros. offers old boots, weak boots, so-so boots, etc. to give just one example. The designers have given their best and made sure that you have trouble concentrating because of the sheer amount of giggles and squees you emit while playing the title.


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