Nintendo Zone/Streetpass

One really cool thing about the Nintendo 3DS is Streetpass. It’s an exchange of game items, avatars and more with other 3DS users playing the same games. Your game console just needs to have wifi turned on and be in sleep mode for the magic to happen. Ideally you pass a lot of other owners and collect lots of goddies that way.

In truth, however, things look a bit different. On my commute as well as at my job, I’m the only 3DS owner. If I were in a rural area, this would be extremely devastating as I had no chance of collecting certain game items. (Hello, Eon-ticket in Pokemon ORAS!)

Nintendo Zone

Enter the option to use the Nintendo Zone in certain McDonalds fast food joints. But checking those frequently is both not a good choice for your wallet and neither for your health.

Some smart people have found a solution for both problems: Homezone. In short, you create your own Nintendo Zone right at home and welcome Streetpass visitors this way. You can use your computer to do this, or, even better, use a spare Raspberry Pi for it: SpillPass!

In totally unrelated news, I just ordered a second Raspberry Pi.


Fantasy Life

As you might wish to know what I’ve been doing all those months, a quick look on my 3DS will tell: playing Fantasy Life. With 70+ hours this is the longest time I’ve ever spent on a game. Also, while I’ve both managed to finish the main story as well as the story-line of the DLC, I’m still far from finished. There is just so much to do, considering you can play as 12 classes (or lives as they are called in the game).

Fantasy Life NA box art

Definitely a game to get!

Back again…

Ups, seems that I haven’t really posted anything here over the last few months. Well, I hope I can change that in the future.

At least I took the time for a small redesign and hey, why not grab a wallpaper while you’re here?