Rant: Lego Marvel Super Heroes

I freely admit that I’m an “old age” returner when it comes to video games. In fact, I never thought that I’d return to gaming after my youth of playing with the C= 64 and, much later, the original Nintendo Gameboy.

Well, our daughter wished for a Nintendo 3DSXL last Christmas. She got a nice red one with a small number of games. Long story short, 7 days later I was the proud owner of a blue 3DSXL as well as some games. (Apparently leaving gaming behind can be problematic.)

I grew especially fond of the Lego games. So far I’ve mastered:

  • Batman
  • Batman 2
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Pirates of the Carribean

What I really like about them, apart from the humour, is the fact that while you can die in the game (=lose all hearts), all you lose is a mere 1000 points because you are resurrected immediately next to the spot you died on.

It is this ease of play that really makes the Lego games utterly enjoyable. With this in mind let us turn our attention to the Lego Marvel Super Heroes game:

Lego Marvel Super Heroes BoxLooks pretty slick, right?

Let’s start the game. The first character you get to play is the Hulk. Guess his role. Yeah, right something like:


Sad, but true, this is the only Lego game that I’ve played where you can’t jump. We’re not talking about a double jump, but about a simple hop. And it is not only the Hulk, but every character has been made jump-less. Spider-Man for example can use his web, but mostly has to walk or run up to his opponents. Very funny, when compared to the comics.

But wait, there is more!

You also don’t resurrect after you die. Instead, the mission (=level) fails and you have to start again. This means that you will have a rather hard time to beat the bosses at the end of each level. I can’t even remember the number of tries it took me to take out Doc Oc at the end of the first part. Well done, folks. Nothing like that to turn gaming into a frustrating experience.

And finally:

In all other Lego games so far, beating the boss lets you enter the next chapter of the story. Well, not with Lego Marvel Super Heroes. Here you have to beat the boss and have had collected enough special bricks throughout the level. In case you haven’t, tough luck, enter free play mode and try to find the remaining ones. Utterly enjoyable, especially when it is so easy to die and in consequence fail the mission.

So, do yourself a favour and stay away from this game.




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