The #supermooc syllabus

Ok, after actually opening my eyes, I was able to find the syllabus of the Social Issues Through Comic Books supermooc.

I shamelessly copy it from here for your reading pleasure:


Course Schedule

Comic Book reading assignments Additional Readings
Buzzkill #1-4 Green Lantern V2 #85 and #86

Batman: Venom (The Dark Knight #16-20)

Sex Criminals #1

Article: What is Addiction?Article: Addiction is a brain disease, and it matters.
Swamp Thing: Rot World

The Massive V1

Hinterkind V1

Hawkeye #7

Article: The Moral Roots of Environmental Attitudes
Go to and read at least one article on the environment
Lazurus V1

Scalped V1

X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills


Article: The American Dream: Slipping Away?Article: Storm and the X-Men as Racial Projects
American Born Chinese

Action Comics #900

Superman Unchained #1

Skin Horse V. 1

Article: Public Opinion Toward Immigration Reform: The Role of Economic Motivations
Read this article on Superman: Unchained
Transmetropolitan V1

Global Frequency V1

Nightly News V1

Daredevil #4, 5, 6

Article: Social and Political Dimensions of Privacy
Article: The Quality of Government

Looks like I’m about to discover a fresh set of comics as I’ve only read the issues of Lazarus, Sex Criminals and some other issues of Hawkeye. Great!

The only point of critique I have to offer would be that the selection of comic books (this was true of the last supermooc, too, by the way) is rather US centered. But then, catering to an international audience must mean to choose comics that are both available worldwide and available in a language that can be read by most.



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  1. Just a comment. Picking the comics wasn’t easy. I had to make sure they are available in print and online. There were many comics that I wanted to use but couldn’t because they weren’t in print or weren’t available online. I hope to offer a course soon on international comics especially since I just got back from India Comic Con and discovered so many good books. Thanks for the post on the course!!

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