My Little Pony: Friends Forever #2

My Little Pony: Friends Forever #2With “Friends Forever” the comic franchise My Little Pony got a second ongoing series right next to “Friendship Is Magic”. And while My Little Pony: Friends Forever #1 was a rather disappointing start (the story was uninspired and the art mediocre), #2 is a different story entirely.

Written by no other than Jeremy Whitley (of Princeless fame!) it promised and really delivered! It’s full of great ideas and references to popular culture (just like in the original Friendship Is Magic series!)

What’s even more important, it sends out a strong message of friendship and support especially to those who are ostracised by others. Long story short: I like it!

Here is a short sample for you:

My Little Pony #2 sample

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy

In case you wondered why I haven’t been blogging (or reading comics and writing about them) lately, there are two very good reasons: Me wading through piles of work is the first one. (Naturally, bills really want to be paid. Yeah, who would have thought.)

The second reason is that a lot of my free time has been spent in front of a Nintendo 3DSxl, playing Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, a role playing game from Japan which became available in Europe in December 2014 and in the US in February 2014. I could never had thought that this game would be so addictive.

Bravely Default:Flying FairyWhen I was young (read using a Commodore C64) I used to play Bard’s Tale II and Ultima V. Later, using a PC, I played the two parts of Ultima VII and then Ultima VIII. (Ultima VIII was, by the way, the only rpg I eventually managed to complete.)¬†Then, for what seems like an eterity, I didn’t touch rpgs or even games at all. Now I’m back with a vengeance. I’ve been progressing quite nicely so far (my characters are at level 29 right now) and I’ve good intentions to beat this game.With my amount of free time it might last a while, but I’m prepared.



The Bunker (restart from Oni Press)

As mentioned here, I really enjoyed reading The Bunker. So, I’ve just gotten my copy of the new (restart) edition of Oni Press.

The Bunker (Oni Press) #1After thumbing through the book I have to say that the change from black & white to coloured pencil art definitely adds to the gloomy dark mood of the comic series. And while I normally don’t like republishing stories so soon after their first publication, I’ll make an exemption on this one and get it, too.

If you’d like to see a direct comparison between new and old artwork, here is one:

Art comparison

Art comparison

More can be found over at Joe Infurnari’s tumblr!

Ms. Marvel #1 review

Ms. Marvel #1What seems to be the most anticipated comic book of 2014 (at least at the moment) has come to its audience. And apparently everyone of this audience and their mother and dogs seems to like it.

Well, I for one can’t really judge it after only one issue, but I’m not very convinced of the story. There are several downsides I noticed, but what really threw me off was the use of every clich√© that could possibly come to mind given that the hero of the series is a muslim and has (who would have thought) muslim parents:

  • Kamala is a geek/nerd. She likes the smell of bacon, writes fanfiction of Marvel superheros and is an outsider at ther school because of her religion/ethnic background.
  • Her schoolmates use her and her friend’s religious beliefs to ridicule them.
  • Kamala’s brother is a very devoted muslim, praying all the time. He is ridiculed for this by his own family.
  • Her father is the family’s patriarch.
  • Kamala believes that she would be treated differently by her parents if she were a boy. (Compare previous point.)
  • Possible love interest in the not-muslim and not-Pakistani figure of Bruno.

Come on. Isn’t this just a bit too much?



The #supermooc syllabus

Ok, after actually opening my eyes, I was able to find the syllabus of the Social Issues Through Comic Books supermooc.

I shamelessly copy it from here for your reading pleasure:


Course Schedule

Comic Book reading assignments Additional Readings
Buzzkill #1-4 Green Lantern V2 #85 and #86

Batman: Venom (The Dark Knight #16-20)

Sex Criminals #1

Article: What is Addiction?Article: Addiction is a brain disease, and it matters.
Swamp Thing: Rot World

The Massive V1

Hinterkind V1

Hawkeye #7

Article: The Moral Roots of Environmental Attitudes
Go to and read at least one article on the environment
Lazurus V1

Scalped V1

X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills


Article: The American Dream: Slipping Away?Article: Storm and the X-Men as Racial Projects
American Born Chinese

Action Comics #900

Superman Unchained #1

Skin Horse V. 1

Article: Public Opinion Toward Immigration Reform: The Role of Economic Motivations
Read this article on Superman: Unchained
Transmetropolitan V1

Global Frequency V1

Nightly News V1

Daredevil #4, 5, 6

Article: Social and Political Dimensions of Privacy
Article: The Quality of Government

Looks like I’m about to discover a fresh set of comics as I’ve only read the issues of Lazarus, Sex Criminals and some other issues of Hawkeye. Great!

The only point of critique I have to offer would be that the selection of comic books (this was true of the last supermooc, too, by the way) is rather US centered. But then, catering to an international audience must mean to choose comics that are both available worldwide and available in a language that can be read by most.