Giving Marvel another chance

In a recent post I lamented about the problems I encountered while trying to get into the Marvel Universe after an absence of 20+ years. Now @arreyJB has kindly informed me of a fresh wave of Marvel Now releases aimed at people like me.

Most of the series I really don’t care for, but I’m willing to try. So, I’ll give these two series a chance and we’ll see if they can make me stay: Black Widow and Ms. Marvel (2014)!

Black Widow #1Ms. Marvel #1

One thought on “Giving Marvel another chance”

  1. It’s been a while since Marvel has presented a new concept, rather than repackage a familiar character. The new Ms. Marvel’s name doesn’t help in this regard, but otherwise there’s something new here, beyond her obvious traits. There’s an atypical sensibility behind the storytelling. Marvel’s taking a chance on this one, which is nice to see.

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