The Last Zombie

The Last ZombieBy now, we probably have enough comics/movies/series … that tell us how the zombie apocalypse will happen and what humanity will have to endure as a result.

‘The Last Zombie’ by Brian Keene (published by Antarctic Press) is different. It tells the story of survival after the apocalypse swept mankind (mostly) off the face of the earth.

Told in vividly brutal black and white artwork, this is the story of a scientist’s struggle to say goodbye to his wife after he became infected with the virus that caused the zombie outbreaks. The last collected volume was recently published, so you don’t need to fear any cliff hangers.

This is an impressive series to read, so go ahead and read it!

Starting with ‘The New 52’

Ok, I admit: I’m quite late to take notice of DC Comics ‘The New 52’. I’m normally not the typical superhero comics reader anymore (I still think fondly about reading Spider-Man in my youth, though.) But I had to give the comics a try, especially as both Amazon and Comixology had so tempting digital offers.

So here is what ended up on my Kindle Fire:


  • Suicide Squad vol 1 Suicide Squad vol. 1
  • Swamp thing vol 1 Swamp Thing vol. 1
  • Nightwing vol. 1 Nightwing vol. 1
  • Batman The Dark Knight vol. 1 Batman ‘The Dark Knight’ vol. 1
  • Aquaman vol. 1 Aquaman vol. 1
  • Batgirl vol. 1 Batgirl vol. 1
  • Batman vol. 1 Batman vol. 1
  • Detective Comics vol. 1 Batman Detective Comics vol. 1
  • Batwoman vol. 1 Batwoman vol. 1
  • Catwoman vol. 1 Catwoman vol. 1

I’ve had high expectations for some, limited for others and was sometimes happily surprised by all the comics. I’ll call that a good start!