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My Little Pony: Friends Forever #2

My Little Pony: Friends Forever #2With “Friends Forever” the comic franchise My Little Pony got a second ongoing series right next to “Friendship Is Magic”. And while My Little Pony: Friends Forever #1 was a rather disappointing start (the story was uninspired and the art mediocre), #2 is a different story entirely.

Written by no other than Jeremy Whitley (of Princeless fame!) it promised and really delivered! It’s full of great ideas and references to popular culture (just like in the original Friendship Is Magic series!)

What’s even more important, it sends out a strong message of friendship and support especially to those who are ostracised by others. Long story short: I like it!

Here is a short sample for you:

My Little Pony #2 sample

Thanks to @comixology, I now have Locke & Key complete

Locke & Key: Alpha #2Believe it or not, but the current sales at are breathtaking. Right now, you’ll get the Locke & Key series for 50% off. So hop over there to complete it, in case you still need some issues. I’m no longer waiting on a collected volume of Omega and Alpha. I got them as single issues.

Now, all I need is the strength to start reading.

Can we haz the collected volume of Locke & Key: Omega and Alpha now?

Locke & Key: Alpha #2Now that the final comic book in the Locke & Key saga is available, can we haz the collected final volume, like now?

I’ve been reading this series as collected volumes and I finally want to know how it ends. But I don’t want to get the single issues of Omega and Alpha. So, please dear IDW Publishing get that thing to me asap!



Free comic of the day: My Little Pony: Micro Series – Twilight Sparkle #1

In case you didn’t know already, Comixology has a 12 Days Of Free Comics! going on right now. Today there’s ‘My Little Pony: Micro Series – Twilight Sparkle #1’ on offer:

My Little Pony: Micro Series - Twilight Sparkle #1I don’t know about you, but I really liked the regular (that is ‘Friendship is Magic’) comics.

I’m definitely going to check this one out.